The words on the pages keep howling.
Hear them rejoice, hear them mourn.

You are welcome to walk the darkness of my broken mind, but care not to lose your way out.

Terrence is the name, writing is the game. If knowing me further is your aim, here's my life in a virtual frame.


Anonymous asked
Write again, please. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. :)

If I do, would you go off anon? :)

Sorry, been very busy lately. But I promise I’ll make new material soon. Thank you! :)

Anonymous asked
Gaaaah. Your writings are so great! Such a doyen! Pieces from the girl from the dunes affect me so muchies, though. Will you still be writing about it any time in the future? Pardon I have no tumblr account. Just surfin around the net. :( - Penny fr. TX

Hello there! Thank you so much for reading my work! Really heartening to know that you enjoyed them. :D Well, I’d probably write again within those lines, but it’s not anytime soon. It might be interesting to write some sort of epilogue to Girl from the Dunes. Again, thank you so much! Sorry for my late reply. :)

Runaway (cover)

Here’s something I made. Yeah, so this is one of the reasons why I haven’t written something for quite some time. 

Anonymous asked
Write more, please! :')

Hello there! Been quite busy lately, sorry. But fret not, I’ll be writing again soon. Thank you! :D

fouramthoughtss asked
I have just spent way way way too long on your blog, but I couldn't help myself. Your poetry is amazing. I'm struggling for other adjectives, to be honest. I am pretty much speechless.

I could say the same for your own poetry, you run a nice blog! :D Thank you very much, I’m glad you like them. :)